Our Mission:

  • TYCAT serves to promote the teaching and study of English in the two-year college, to advance the theories and practices of teaching English in the two-year college, to provide a state-wide voice for the two-year college in postsecondary education, and to focus on quality instruction in the area of English. Recognizing the unique institutional character of the two-year college, open to all students, TYCAT is further committed to student diversity in culture, age, background, ability and goals, and the critical role of literacy required in a democratic society.

Our Purpose:

  • To identify and articulate the best theories, practices, and pedagogy in teaching English in the two-year college;
  • To establish multiple channels for the communication of these theories, practices, and pedagogies and for discussion and effective change by the members of TYCAT;
  • To influence the future of English studies in Tennessee.